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    Florida Luxury Vacation Homes and Corporate Event Venues


    Florida is known for its warm weather, palm trees, and often-sunny skies.  It has some of the best, and most famous, beaches in all of North America.  For people planning a luxury wedding or special event, however, Florida offers much more than palm tress and sandy stretches of seaside.  The state’s luxurious estates have the facilities to host large weddings or more intimate ceremonies, receptions, or  corporate events.  Almost all these event venues are thoroughly modern, and each one puts a premium on luxury and service.  Many Florida estates, especially those in the Miami/Gold Coast area, boast unique design features that help them stand out above standard wedding and event venues.  Some have modern facilities but design elements that recall the past glory days when Miami was the epicenter of the Art Deco movement.  Other estates get their inspiration from further afield, mimicking the ambiance and design of Tuscan villas or Caribbean mansions.    Of course, the tropical weather, year-round attractions, and convenient access from other parts of the country make Florida a great place to host a destination wedding.  Some Miami estates even have bedrooms and kitchens onsite so that special guests can attend the event without having to worry about booking a hotel room.


    Miami Venues


    Miami is the urban heart of South Florida.  This colorful metropolis is the ideal place for a sunshine-filled vacation or for a wedding or special event in a tropical setting.  Miami has a full range of venues that can accommodate special events.  These estates are usually very luxurious and can bring a true sense of elegance and opulence to any celebrations or other events that are hosted their.  Expansive patios with palm trees, rooftop hot-tubs and in-home movie theaters are among the features that you can expect to find at a Miami estate.  Some of these event estates are located along the city’s beautiful waterfront in some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the United States.  Many venues put a premium on privacy, so they can also be used to host business meetings, corporate retreats or conferences.  Some estates even have overnight accommodations so guests can use them as a base for a luxury-filled weekend getaway in Miami or a weeklong tropical vacation with close friends.