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Oct 11

8 Eco Friendly Wedding Transportation Ideas for Your Big Day

Eco Friendly Wedding Ideas
How you’re going to get to and from your wedding is usually an afterthought, but all you eco conscious couples out there will realize that transportation is a big environmental issue.

Let’s imagine that you’ve got 150 guests attending your big day. Most of them will be couples, some of them may be families, either way you’ll likely have at least 50 cars rocking up to your do. Luckily that can all be avoided.

Here’s how to make sure Mother Earth is as happy as you are on your big day…


A real earth conscious gentleman would hire a tricycle and cycle his bride right to the reception, but if he’s not into arriving at the venue pouring with sweat then hire someone else to do the pedaling, whilst the pair of you canoodle in the back and digest the fact that you are now officially man and wife!

These rickshaws aren’t just for Balinese holidays. They are a perfect eco friendly transportation option that look absolutely adorable and are sure to attract a lot of attention from your guests at the same time.

Rickshaw wedding

Photo Credit: jmayer1129 via Compfight cc


If you love pedal power then why not embrace this on your big day? Apart from being one of the greenest possible ways to arrive at the venue, nothing could be more quirky, romantic, and fun than riding together on a tandem bike. It would make for fantastic photo opportunities, and would certainly be a  journey to remember.

If you’re worried about the practicalities of riding a bike in your wedding gear why not have them waiting for your arrival, all you’ll need to do is a super quick outfit change and voila you’re ready to go.

Photo Credit: oijulia via Compfight cc


If you’ve been clever enough to plan your wedding so that your ceremony site and reception are in close proximity then there really is no excuse not to stretch those legs and walk (unless it’s raining of course!) This will give you some relaxing one on one time with your new hubby and space to breathe before diving back into the action at the reception.

Walking is proven to increase happiness so rather than get all flustered trying to bustle yourself and your beautiful dress into a boxy little gas guzzling vehicle, go green and walk instead.

Walking to Wedding

Photo Credit: Kathleen Waters Photography via Compfight cc

Public Transport

I know what you’re thinking but hear me out. Public transport might have a bad rep, and you’re friends will probably think you have completely lost the plot when you tell them you’re catching the train to your nuptials, but honestly it’s not as bad as it seems and it will certainly make for some impressive wedding photos.

Aside from that, can you imagine how happy you are going to make the entire bus or train carriage when you step on board? Everyone will be beaming along with you making for one helluva positive atmosphere.

Public Transportation Wedding

Photo Credit: Ivan Malafeyev via Compfight cc

Private Bus

If the idea of taking public transport doesn’t appeal, but you are serious about making your big day a super green one, hiring a bus to chauffeur everyone around for the day could be a fantastic idea. Tell your guests to leave their cars at home and wait for the bus to pick them up instead. Not only is this a genius eco friendly transport solution, it would also be great fun as you all get to have a pre wedding party en route to the location.

As if you weren’t already sold on the idea, it also solves any parking or designated driver dilemmas that guests may be encountering.

Wedding bus

Photo Credit: Kecko via Compfight cc

Rowing Boat

Not everyone is lucky enough to even have the option of a rowing boat for their wedding day transportation, but if you are one of those couples who are planning on tying the knot lakeside or on the banks of a river then why not row, row, row gently down the stream to your reception.

It’s peaceful, enchanting, super romantic and who knows maybe you’ll run into a plethora of gorgeous white geese and be able to reenact the scene from one of the greatest love story of all time (don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about…)

Rowing on Wedding

Photo Credit: Anne Ruthmann via Compfight cc

Hybrid Car

If some of the other options are a little bit ‘out there’ for your wedding plans and you have your heart set on a traditional themed wedding but with an eco friendly twist, then arriving in style in a luxurious hybrid car is the perfect option.

You will be able to roll up to the ceremony in your dream car, safe in the knowledge that your journey was kind to the environment, and once the ceremony has finished you will be able to ride off into the distance with the tin cans trailing from the back, just like you always dreamed of.

Sports car wedding

Photo Credit: David Villarreal Fernández via Compfight cc


Nobody wants an entourage of cars turning up to their wedding with more empty seats than full ones! Arrange a carpool wedding day and cut down on the environmental impact. Not only does it slash emissions and save on parking problems, it also encourages people to get a little more sociable with each other.

Just make sure you arrange it so that you’re pooling with whoever is walking you down the aisle, this way you can be sure that they don’t get stuck in traffic and leave you waiting.

Photo Credit: WSDOT via Compfight cc

Your Turn

What eco friendly transportation options are you considering for your wedding day?


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If you need to know about Weddings or Social Events, Abigail’s your gal, blogging away at Estate Weddings and Events! Sharing her passion for the environment, arts and crafts, and frugality, she enjoys adding a chic twist to anything DIY. Never seen without camera in hand, Abigail is completely and utterly in love with love! You can follow Abigail on Google+ here.

Jul 6

Scenic Estates, Featured Real Wedding of the Week, & Destination Wedding Tips!

El Dorado Hills Estate Venue

Greetings Estate Weddings and Events Fans!

The air is splashed with the smell of sunscreen and bbq’s and we couldn’t be happier. Happy Belated 4th of July! Hope you are finding time to be with close friends and family and enjoying summer.

This week our blog posts feature topics close to our heart: tips we picked up from one of our recent hosted weddings and highlights of the newest scenic estates located in our local city of San Diego.

If these aren’t up your alley, no fear! Take a look at our weekly dose of wedding advice, this time pertaining to beach weddings, destination weddings and eco-friendly wedding jewelry.

Which topic are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments below!

Here is what you missed this week…

5 Tips from Jessica & John’s Wedding

The Best Places to Find Eco-Friendly Jewelry for Your Green Wedding

Spotlight On: San Diego Estates with Infinite Scenic Views

3 Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Destination Wedding Planning

Beach Worthy Bridesmaids: A Guide To Selecting The Best Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

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Nancy is Community Manager for Estate Weddings and Events.  When not typing away, she enjoys discovering new wedding trends and attending weddings and events to see all the people and private estates get dressed up! You can follow her on Google+,  Twitter or LinkedIn.

Jul 4

The Best Places to Find Eco-Friendly Jewelry for Your Green Wedding

The Best Places to Find Eco Friendly Jewelry for Your Green Wedding

You’ve got the dress and the shoes, now all you need are the accessories!

Sustainable, ethical and fair trade, eco friendly jewelry is the only way to go for the environmentally aware bride. No green wedding is complete without eco friendly jewelry to finish the look.

Brilliant Earth

Looking for a conflict free wedding ring that represents your values? Brilliant Earth believe that ethically sourced jewelry can be an effective tool for social change within developing countries. Their dedicated and passionate team work tirelessly to produce stunning yet humane jewelry that you can be proud to wear on your wedding day.

Brilliant Earth

Photo via Brilliant Earth

Twice Creations

“Diamonds last forever, and so does plastic.” Transforming waste into something quite beautiful, designer Twice uses recycled material to craft sublime jewelry that is minimalist and modern. His sculptural upcycled plastic earrings have an alluring ethereal quality, making them perfect for any occasion. The price is extremely affordable so while you’re deciding which pair to rock as you walk down the aisle, why not treat each of your bridesmaids to remind them of your big day?

Twice Creations

Photo via Twice Creations


Batucada aren’t your ‘traditional’ wedding jewelry, but then again green brides are often on the lookout for something a little more unique. Their synthetic rubber jewelry respects the environment thanks to its clean, non polluting production. It’s tough, flexible, lightweight and completely water resistant, in fact it even floats! This incredible material adapts to the shape and contours of your body becoming a second skin so to speak.


Photo via Batucada

Andrea Bonelli

Designed and handcrafted by Andrea Bonelli herself, this conscious one woman show uses recycled and ethically mined diamonds and gems wherever possible. She also purchases recycled metals from reputable US based sellers that follow high standards for green processing.  Made with real love and care, Andrea takes great pride in bringing to life each and every piece.

Andrea Bonelli

Photo via Andrea Bonelli

Dreams Factory

Natural baltic amber teamed with organic linens and materials create the perfect fusion of breathtaking eco friendly jewelry. Mother and daughter team, Danuta and Joana, have an entire collection of one off pieces that could take your wedding look to the next level. From dainty pendants to extravagant bibs, their enchanting amber will definitely add a touch of drama to your big day.

Dreams Factory

Photo via Dreams Factory

CRED Jewellery

CRED know that true beauty goes beyond aesthetics and encompasses a responsibility to both people and the planet. Working with small scale miners to create jewelry that is traceable and certified back to the source, CRED are passionate about creating jewelry that symbolizes real difference. Engagement rings, wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings for him and her, there is something for everyone.

CRED Jewellery

Photo via Cred Jewellery

Ashley Hilton

Handcrafted in New Zealand using local, ethically sourced materials and low tech working practices, Ashley Hilton is a family run business that takes the utmost care to avoid doing anything that will wreck the earth. At the end of each year they make financial contributions to a range of environmentally sound projects from around the world. They love helping couples design their perfect wedding ring, so whether you want something plain and simple or one of a kind, they will work with you to create a unique band that you will cherish forever.

Ashley Hilton

Photo via Ashley Hilton

Green Karat

Green Karat understand the need for finding rings that not only symbolize how deeply you care for one and other, but also how you care about the Earth. Using the most environmentally friendly materials available to them, Green Karat reuse and recycle wherever possible. Their jewelry is modern and elegant, providing you with endless options to compliment your wedding gown.

Green Karat

Image via Green Karat

Eco Lustre

Sisters, friends and now business partners, the masterminds behind Eco Lustre strive to create the dream place to shop for cute, cool and elegant jewelry that’s affordable and environmentally friendly. Their ethical concepts translate into each piece, resulting in sustainable jewelry that practices what they preach. By partnering with artisans who are environmentally proactive in their work, Eco Lustre have created a fabulous range that truly speaks to your better nature.

Eco Lustre

Photo via Ecolustre

Julia Farley

The beauty of nature has always played a huge part of Julia Farley’s inspiration, which is why it makes sense for her to create collections that echo this appreciation. Julia uses reclaimed metals to reduce her environmental impact, and to express her concern for preserving the world’s precious natural resources. Her work is fresh and timeless, and has been featured in Real Simple, Vogue and The Today Show.

Julia Farley

Photo via Julia Farley

Simply Wood Rings

Last but by no means least, I leave you with one of my own personal favorites, Simply Wood Rings. These gorgeous wooden rings are made from salvaged and found wood, and are embellished with an array of divine stones like topaz, turquoise and diamond. Much of the wood started out its life in the hands of other crafts people, such as that from the elegant neck of a violin whose sounds soothed souls in great orchestra halls. Each ring is handcrafted to bring out the warmth and honesty of the wood, allowing it to evolve into a transformation of beauty.

Simply Wood Rings

Photo via Simply Wood Rings

Do you know any other great places to find eco friendly jewelry for green weddings?

Share with us in the comments below…


About the Author

If you need to know about Weddings or Social Events, Abigail’s your gal, blogging away at Estate Weddings and Events! Sharing her passion for the environment, arts and crafts, and frugality, she enjoys adding a chic twist to anything DIY. Never seen without camera in hand, Abigail is completely and utterly in love with love! You can follow Abigail on Google+ here.

Jun 20

Top Tips for Choosing an Eco Friendly Wedding Venue

Top Tips for Choosing an Eco Friendly Wedding Venue

You may be thinking “How could a wedding venue not be eco friendly?”

The reality is, in lots of ways.

A typical wedding in the United States produces an average of 500 pounds of garbage and 60 tons of carbon dioxide. That’s a whole lot of waste!

So what can you do about it…?

Choosing a green wedding venue is the first step and it can make a huge difference to the future of the planet. Finding a venue that operates with the same degree of concern for the earth as you have is an essential part of planning a green weddingFollow these top tips to help you find the perfect eco friendly wedding venue…

Look for a Unique Locale 

From organic farms and botanical gardens to museums and nonprofit spaces, think beyond traditional wedding venues.

Unique Wedding Venues

Photo Credit: johnhope14 via Compfight cc

Utilize the Great Outdoors

Consider an outdoor setting such as public garden, park, lakeside or beach, and let Mother Nature take care of the decoration for you. Outdoor venues offer naturally beautiful surroundings that need little to no extra embellishment.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Photo Credit: Sean Molin Photography via Compfight cc

Throw a Backyard Do

If your own backyard isn’t quite up to scratch then borrow a friend or family member’s instead. By selecting a backyard with an established flower garden and/or gorgeous view the need to decorate will be greatly reduced.

Backyard Wedding Venues

Photo Credit: Ryan Polei | http://www.ryanpolei.com via Compfight cc

Hunt for Green Hotels

For those of you wanting to host your wedding ceremony and reception at a hotel, go green. Green hotels fit the brief perfectly by offering a variety of minimal impact options such as dispensers instead of bottles, low flow showerheads, and by donating leftover food to local shelters.

Green Hotel Wedding Venues
Photo Credit: Kesara Rathnayake (kesara.lk) via Compfight cc

Be Energy Efficient

Planning on using strung lights? Sure they’re beautiful, but be smart and source energy efficient LED bulbs for the job. For powering the rest of the venue use renewable sources, timed lighting and light sensors where possible.

Energy Efficient Wedding Venues
Photo Credit: Frogé via Compfight cc

Opt for Daylight Hours

Tying the knot during the day and making use of the natural light available makes sense. Why rack up a huge electricity bill when the sun is kindly offering her services for free.

Daytime Wedding

Photo Credit: Raul Garcia Piñero via Compfight cc

Hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding planners can help you orchestrate the eco friendly wedding of your dreams. With their help you can bag a green wedding venue and ensure everything goes to plan.

Hire a wedding planner

Photo Credit: bgolub via Compfight cc

Forgo Faraway Destinations

Destination weddings no matter how lovely involve a lot of extra travelling and subsequently a lot of extra pollution. Save the exotic locations for your honeymoon when it’s just the two of you.

Destination Wedding Venues
Photo Credit: Fevi in Pictures via Compfight cc

Trim the Guest List

However harsh it may sound, don’t invite everyone you know. The bigger the guest list, the bigger the venue, the bigger the gas bill and the bigger the food bill!

Trim your guest list
Photo Credit: agsaran via Compfight cc

Leave No Trace

A green wedding should leave no trace of its existence. You’ll be surprised how trashed a meadow can look after a group of people  have been on the land for a couple of hours. Recycle your litter and lessen physical impact.

Leave no trace
Photo Credit: René Ehrhardt via Compfight cc

Close To Home

One of the biggest strains weddings place on the planet is travel by out of town guests. Eliminate this problem by choosing a green wedding venue that’s situated close to the majority of your attendees.

Choose a wedding venue close to home

Photo Credit: Xabier.M via Compfight cc

One Location

Lots of couples are doing it, and it is a great way to cut down on transportation. If you need to have two separate locations for your ceremony and reception then organize car pools or shared transport for your guests.

Have your wedding ceremony and reception at the same location
Photo Credit: archangel 12 via Compfight cc

Green Credentials

Venues that are proud of their eco friendly accomplishments will undoubtedly boast green credentials so be on the lookout for these when deciding where to get hitched.

Wedding Venues with Green Credentials

Photo Credit: Allshots Imaging via Compfight cc

Locally Sourced Oranic Food

If your venue is taking care of the food make sure it is organic and sourced locally. Not only does this support the local area, it minimizes the need for transportation and packaging, plus you can quit worrying about chemicals and pesticides.

Make sure the catering it is organic and sourced locally

Photo Credit: jazzijava via Compfight cc

Waste Management

How is your venue disposing of all the waste at the end of the day? Food can be composted or donated to a homeless shelter, flowers can also be donated to local nursing homes and rubbish can be recycled.

How is your venue disposing of all the waste
Photo Credit: smcgee via Compfight cc

Non Toxic Cleaning

Look for venues that use non toxic cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals such as VOCs and other nasty environmental pollutants.

Look for venues that use non toxic cleaners
Photo Credit: Kevin McShane via Compfight cc

Water Conservation

What is you venue doing to conserve water? Do they have a system in place throughout the venue to ensure water use and wastage is kept to a minimum?

What is you venue doing to conserve water?
Photo Credit: Digital Sublime via Compfight cc

Community Involvement

Try to find a wedding venue that actively engages and supports the local area through charity work, buying locally or by getting involved in community projects.

Try to find a wedding venue that actively engages and supports the local area
Photo Credit: izahorsky via Compfight cc

Have we missed anything..?

Share with us in the comments below.

About the Author

If you need to know about Weddings or Social Events, Abigail’s your gal, blogging away at Estate Weddings and Events! Sharing her passion for the environment, arts and crafts, and frugality, she enjoys adding a chic twist to anything DIY. Never seen without camera in hand, Abigail is completely and utterly in love with love! You can follow Abigail on Google+ here.

Oct 2

How to Throw an Eco Friendly Wedding

If you think a green wedding means hanging out at the local commune singing Kumbayah, think again.

What could be more perfect than enjoying your big day whilst being safe in the knowledge that you have kept your carbon footprint to a minimum?

You don’t have to sacrifice style or elegance to throw an eco friendly wedding, as there are plenty of eco chic alternatives out there.

Brides and Grooms everywhere are finally beginning to understand the importance of making ethical choices, conserving energy, and helping mother earth. This is your opportunity to make a difference…

Photo Credit: Nicole Violet

Environmentally Aware Venues

One of the best ways to honor the planet is by using the great outdoors as your backdrop for your wedding venue.

Whether your holding your wedding in luxurious open gardens, natural woodland, a glistening beach, or even your own backyard – nothing beats reveling in the grandeur of natural surroundings.

Try to host your event during the daytime and make use of the wonderful natural light that your given venue can provide, this way you will skip the need for electricity.

There are plenty of beautiful botanical gardens, hilltop ranches, and rustic barns just waiting to be snapped up.


We understand that an outdoor wedding doesn’t work for everyone, but never fear, as there are several ways you can greenify your indoor venue too!

Holding your ceremony and reception at the same venue is an environmentally wise decision, as you will cut back on fuel emissions and limit your impact to only one location.

Another way to bring green indoors is by actively seeking venues that understand the values that you are trying to uphold for your special day, and will help by making a commitment to use biodegradable products, recycle any waste, and if possible use energy efficient appliances.

Some of our favorites include:

Hollywood Hybrid Estate -

An eco friendly modern tree house estate that is LEED gold certified.

Holman Ranch -

Nestled in the rolling hills of Carmel Valley, with spectacular gardens and breathtaking views.

Encuentro Guadalupe -

The goal of Encuentro Guadalupe is to create an immersion with nature, culture, and the history of Valle de Guadalupe by providing the same experience you get when camping but with all the comforts of home.

Ash Lawn Highland -

Once home to president James Monroe, Ash Lawn Highland is romantic and charming.

Santa Margarita Ranch -

Perfect for a rustic or barn wedding with spacious gardens that can accommodate up to 1000 guests.

Lower Lake Ranch -

Two incredible pavilions and beautiful outdoor areas with a picturesque mountain backdrop.

Infinity Bali Villa -

Located in the magical paradise of Bali, with unobstructed views of the river, rice terraces and mountains.

Sustainable Stationary

It may sound tacky but Evites are actually becoming the new in thing, and with millions of trees being toppled every year causing severe ecological damage, this is one trend we are certainly proud to get behind!

Who needs a paper invite anyways?

Scrap them altogether and opt for an Evite that directs your guests to your wedding web page for all the finer details of the big day.

You may balk at the very idea but hey, surely your concern for the environment should be put above appearances sake?

Check out Paperless Post for elegant Evites you won’t be disapointed with.

For those guests that don’t actually have an email, are likely never going to check their email, or haven’t quite grasped the concept of email, luckily there are some great paper saving solutions available.

Opt for recycled handmade paper invites from a company like Twisted Limb Paperwork or better yet, why not send out plantable wedding invitations that will grow and flourish into beautiful wildflowers.

Botanical Paperworks offer a lovely array of designs, as well as do it yourself blank templates and custom templates.

Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations

Another great, yet unlikely, place to search for wedding invitations is thrift stores.

You can usually grab yourself a whole host of cards for as little as 10 cents a piece, many of them being super cute and retro!

If you can manage to rustle up postcards then double points as you can eliminate envelopes altogether.

Beautiful Blooms

You may be under the impression that flowers are already eco friendly, unfortunately you’d be wrong!

Most farmers, especially the ones that stock large florists, douse their blooms with chemical pesticides and fertilizers that kill organic matter in soil that is needed to keep it healthy, fertile, and balanced.

To make it worse, most flowers are shipped in from abroad to cater for the massive demand that special events and occasions bring – and they are artificially dyed to make them appear brighter and more colorful!

If flowers really are a must for you then don’t panic because all is not lost.

One option is to pick wildflowers from local meadows or woodland, just ensure that you are not picking endangered or protected species, or flowers from someone else’s property!

Photo Credit: Mulia

If you have a bit of a green thumb or you’re feeling rather adventurous and fancy a challenge, then growing your own flora for the event could make a nice change.

Just make sure you carry out thorough research on the variety of flowers you plan on growing, as well as seek advice and guidance from more experienced growers – this way you won’t end up with a bunch of flowers that are refusing to bloom when the wedding rolls round.

Photo Credit: Nataraj Metz

If you haven’t got the time to get your hands dirty then choose organically grown flowers that are if possible, VeriFlora-certified.

This means they won’t be laden with chemicals and you won’t have to worry about any of the little ones putting them in their mouths!

Photo Credit: MsSaraKelly

Catering with a Conscience 

When it comes to the catering there are three things that will make your cuisine stand out as green: organic, local and vegan.

Pleasing everyone is not always possible, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice what you believe in.

Stella McCartney and Natalie Portman didn’t so why should you!

Food is more often than not the center of every celebration, but deforestation occurs on a massive scale to provide land for raising animals for meat and dairy, and non organic fruits and veggies are sprayed with harmful chemicals which both farmers and the earth have to pay the price for.

A lovely fresh, local, seasonal, organic three course meal and a delicious vegan cake is the way to go!

Sourcing local vendors and caters requires less travel time, less time kept in the fridge, and less packaging needed to stay fresh.

The outcome = less electricity used and definitely less trash.

organic vegetables

Photo Credit: RebecaAR

Regarding the wedding cake and desserts, even if your local bakers don’t advertise themselves as eco friendly, you can always give them a quick call and ask if they would be willing to sub out regular ingredients for organic ones.

Who knows, you may even cause them to change their ways.

Eco Friendly Desserts

It’s not all about the food itself though; there is also the question of the dinnerware.

Although collecting oddments of china from the local thrift stores may seem like a good idea, in actual fact it can end up costing more in both monetary and environmental terms (with all the car trips, etc).

Renting china is your most ecological option, or there is always the alternative of using biodegradable serveware such as organic cotton napkins, recycled glass, bamboo cutlery and plates, or fully compostable everything!

wedding china

Photo Credit: highteaforalice

Earth Friendly Favors

Give the planet a break for once and say thanks to your guests by ditching favors altogether and donating to a worthy charity instead.

You don’t even need to print a sign as you can announce the gesture during one of the speeches, or simply spread the news via word of mouth throughout the event.

Most favors, however well thought out, end up in the trash anyway!

Plus the plastics, metals, and fabrics used to package commercial favors are hard for the environment to produce and certainly don’t biodegrade.

If you are desperate to give your guests a takeaway wedding favor then nothing quite says earth friendly like living, breathing tree saplings or herbs that are packaged in pretty recyclable tubes.

Vendors such as Arbor Day Foundation and Plant A Memory offer a splendid selection of fine flora to choose from.

potted herbs

Photo Credit: Chiot’s Run

Another great option is edible favors.

Everyone loves delicious treats to nibble on so head on over to your favorite farm or orchard and grab yourself some jars of jams, jellies, or chutneys, and what’s more, your guests can recycle or reuse the glass jars once they’re done with them.

organic jam jars

Photo Credit: Peppysis

Eco Chic Centerpieces

Repurpose, upcycle, and get thrify!

Green centerpieces can be show stopping if you work with the right materials.

If you want to keep the green theme running throughout the event, then avoid the mass produced plastic filler at all costs.

Recycled bottles and cans can make perfect centerpieces and they also work for taking the place of traditional decor too!

Fill them with flowers or edible options such as fruit – this way they can be taken home and enjoyed after the wedding.

If you’re crafty then you could even choose to decorate the bottle or cans to add a little extra pizzazz.

eco-friendly wedding decor

One of our absolute favorite centerpiece ideas has got to be potted plants!

You get bonus points if you use ones that you already own.

Potted plants are an amazing addition to any eco friendly wedding, just make sure you assign watering duty to one of the guests or you could end up with a wilted mess on your hands.

Potted Plants Wedding Decor

Of course, there is also the rest of the decor to consider such as table plans, placecards, and general accessorizing; well don’t fret as these can all be made green too.

How about writing your placecards on evergreen leaves, using natural tree slices or bark for your candle holders, or paper doilies for bunting?

Photo Credit: Monkeys On The Roof

Resourceful Rings

It may sound a little offbeat, but why not ask your friends and family to donate some of their unwanted gold jewelry to an environmentally friendly jeweler such as Green Karat, and in return they will melt it all down and forge you your own extremely personalized and sentimental wedding rings.

Not only are you doing your bit for the planet, you will also have a piece of your loved ones that you can carry around with you at all times.

Be on the lookout for conflict free diamonds and gems, and where possible always purchase from a company that use recycled materials.

eco wedding ring

Photo Credit: peterned

Greenify Your Gown

The fact that you are only ever going to wear your wedding dress once is pretty wasteful – your mom preserved her gown all these years for a reason you know…

If her dress is not quite your style, or it doesn’t quite fit right, then get together with a seamstress and make it work for you.

Vintage Wedding Dress

We understand how much of a big deal choosing a wedding dress is, but you can still be green in the process.

Your first stop should be vintage clothing stores on the hunt for beautiful pre-owned gowns – you may be surprised at what treasures you can find amidst the clutter.

Eco Friendly: Vintage Wedding Dress

If you really must have a new dress then try to look for sustainable and ethical designers that use fabrics created by nature like organic cotton or hemp, and not factory made.

If you manage to find the perfect outfit for yourself but are still concerned about what the bridal party will wear, consider letting them fashion something they already own (just give them a color and length guideline) as this way they can show off their true style and be low impact on the planet.

Do You Have Any Eco Friendly Wedding Ideas & Inspiration To Share?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

About the Author

If you need to know about Weddings or Social Events, Abigail’s your gal, blogging away at Estate Weddings and Events! Sharing her passion for the environment, arts and crafts, and frugality, she enjoys adding a chic twist to anything DIY. Never seen without camera in hand, Abigail is completely and utterly in love with love! You can follow Abigail on Google+ here.

Jan 13

Featured Estate of the Week: Sebastopol Sanctuary, Sonoma Event Venue

This Bali- inspired architectural gem is the perfect fusion between the contemporary and the natural.  Sebastopol Sanctuary is the ideal green event venue. Set on 8.5 acres, this Sonoma Estate features a lavender farm, olive trees, and a pinot noir vineyard, truly surrounding its guests with the essence of Sonoma. Enjoy the scenery from the hardwood deck with cocktails and gourmet hors d’oeuvres made with ingredients from the estate’s own garden. Dance the night away underneath the Sonoma stars following dinner on the lush lawn, while strung market lights, wildflowers, and breezes smelling of lavender create a natural ambiance unlike you’ve ever experienced.

The estate features a commercial kitchen, wine cellar, a bocce ball court, private lake and much more!  Overnight accommodations are available for up to 8 guests.  To receive a custom quote for your next event, click the picture above to receive additional information about the estate.

About the Author

Claire is the Director of Client Relations for Estate Weddings and Events and will often be the first person to greet you and answer any questions you may have about planning your estate event. In her free time, she loves to make succulent arrangements, homebrew craft beers and put her love of crafts to work! You can follow her here Linkedin or Google+.

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